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Coworking Spaces Are Better Than Work From Home

  • December 04 2020
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Well, if you are the kind of person who prefers to work from your own personal space rather than working in a well-settled company then you must be going to choose the option of working as a freelancer.


Freelancers are the ones who are their own boss. They collaborate with a company and they tend to work from a place they are convenient from and at self-suitable hours of the day. If we talk about working as a freelancer, then we must have to discuss what are the positives of working from a coworking space and on the other hand what are the negatives of working from home.


Working in a coworking space is like working closely with the industry people in an environment where all the enthusiasm hits your mind and you yourself tend to work as a big enthusiast. Whereas, working from home might be quite lethargic. When it comes from working from your own personal space, it means that work somewhere gets discouraged.


When you tend to work from your personal space you tend to become more avoiding work and become more about stretching work to the later hours which might pull you off to trouble. Missing deadlines and missing bonuses are not someone’s cup of tea. Whereas if you really want to work as a real hard worker and with a good bunch of motivation you should go to get yourself into a good coworking space.

Coworking space provides you with ample benefits with a nil amount of disadvantages.


Let us discuss some of the advantages of coworking spaces below:


People who work in coworking spaces are either the ones who are willing to do a solo business or the ones who have their own start-up and are on the stage of willing to reach good heights with their company rather than spending lakhs of rupees in just finding a lavish office for themselves. Of course, in the later stages, when your office has reached a new level you can any day go and find a good and lavish office for yourself.


Helps in socializing

Working in work-friendly places makes one feel more motivated and always up for work. Socializing is also important as it makes one prone to the changes he/she has to make in his attitude towards his work life.


Free lunches/ snacks

Who denies having free lunches and lavish and expensive coffee breaks at work. It's an added advantage to your dictionary as you can have as many tea breaks as you want and that is a sort of motivation between work.


Away from distractions


Working needs some seriousness and while you’re at home working you are never gonna have that peace of mind which you need to be productive at the workplace. You need to showcase your seriousness and added effort to your work so that you can expect increments. Renting space at a nearby coworking can definitely help you be proficient at work and make you productive. Now, these were some advantages one might enjoy if he chooses to work in a coworking space.          


  Let us know some disadvantages of working from home as well.


Lethargic feels


It is not easy to come out of your easy personal space on a chilly winter, morning having your family and kids at home and start out to work. One always tends to postpone work if he/she works from home because the ones he’s surrounded with seem more important and tempting than work is.


Meetings in a virtual world


Whether you are working from home or you are working from the office, you always have to become a part of meetings. If you choose to work from home, it requires communicating with the clients through skype video conferencing which might not seem good when you talk about being more professional.


Lack of professionalism


Professional comes only when you work in an environment where you get all the comfort and the vibes of working which makes you proficient while you are at your workplace. Professionalism is also measured by the attitude you carry towards your work that is whether you take it seriously and follow it as your passion or whether you just take it as just your 9-5 job.

Lack of communication with the outside world


Having established communication with the outside world is something that matters a lot to the ones working in a corporate environment. It makes one realize the norms of the workplace and also makes you proficient while you are on your active hours.




One needs to be a good observer when he/she is on active hours. Working at work or at the office is one’s own choice. But many studies prove that working in the office or coworking spaces make the concentration level of the person stable making him more fit for the job.

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