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What is coworking|Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

  • December 04 2020
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A few years back Coworking space used to be an unknown term in the Indian market but now the scenario has been changed. Coworking space is no longer a naive concept in the domestic market. People are thriving for coworking spaces due to the benefits offered by it.


Let dig deeper and find out why coworking space is getting more popular than the traditional working space. Before knowing the benefits of coworking space we must know what does a coworking space mean? Coworking space is essentially a space shared by different people who come from different organizations or backgrounds.


A paradise for freelancers:


Coworking space provides all essential services as a traditional working space but with many other exciting things. As Freelancing is gaining momentum in India. With Benefits, like, No travel hours, work-life balance, more personal time are few factors that are attracting people for freelancing work and more people are opting for freelancing jobs.


The main hurdle that freelancers often face is, sometimes they find themselves lonely and need some motivation. Apart from personal space, the community is also very essential in our day-to-day life. Here coworking spaces come into the picture.


Coworking space provides enchanting spaces to work. Freelancers would not only get all facilities according to their needs but also they can bond over with like-minded people, even more, they can find more work by interacting with other freelancers.


Suppose one freelancer gets a project in different technology in which she is not that comfortable, she can transfer that project to someone else in the same co-working space. Coworking spaces provide utter flexibility with the other services of traditional working spaces. No doubt, coworking spaces are turning into a paradise for freelancers.


Startups Friendly:


Co-working spaces are startups friendly.</a> Most of the time, startups face the problem of cash crunch, they have enough talent but cannot spend much for office spaces and other utilities needed for employees. Lease and maintenance of traditional offices are quite high and sometimes become out of range for startups.&nbsp; In that scenario, coworking spaces come to the rescue.


Coworking space provides all services needed to run a full-fledged office and that too at a very lower cost. Startups can flourish in coworking spaces. There might be many startups working simultaneously in a coworking space in that way they can collaborate with each other and in this process can find their co-founders as well.


Boon for remote workers:


Due to time constraints and long travel hours, many companies are offering remote work to their employees. Remote work certainly enhances the productivity of the employees thus helping in generating more revenues for companies.&nbsp; Coworking spaces that are near to employees' homes can provide an office-like environment plus peace of mind to both workers and employers. Coworking spaces can be said to a boon to remote working employees


Services that make a coworking space really cool


 Lots of services have been offered by coworking spaces but there are few salient features that make it really cool.


Private Offices or shared offices.:


Though coworking space is based on sharing spaces, it also offers separate private offices. If someone wants isolated offices then they can opt for private offices. If a startup wants to discuss ideas with other companies or want a collaboration, in that case, they can share an office with like-minded startups then they can opt for a shared office. Companies that are providing coworking spaces to different types of startups are proving a boon to needing companies. Startups can choose offices according to their budget and intellectual needs.


Dedicated or Shared Desks:


Some people want pin drop silence and some want brainstorming sessions while working, coworking spaces take care of everyone's needs. Freelancers can have a dedicated or shared desk as per their requirements. Dedicated desks may cost more than a shared desk.


Hot desks:


In a hot desk system, desks are used by different people at different times. The idea is to use spaces optimally. People or organizations can have access to different common areas and other utilities such as Wi-Fi, pantry area, lounge, meeting rooms, etc exclusively.

Meeting Rooms:

Apart from giving working spaces, coworking spaces provide meeting rooms with all modern facilities.&nbsp; Meetings rooms can be arranged on prior notice or by advance bookings.

Conference Rooms:


Co-working spaces also offer conference room facilities, people can have various conferences without thinking about other arrangements.

Event Spaces:

Coworking spaces provide spaces for various events. Startups can organize their orientation programs easily in those spaces. Other cultural or official events can also be organized without much hassle.


Flexi pass:


A Flexi pass is a wonderful service offered by coworking space providers. A person or organization can have an office space pass for one day or for one year according to their needs. If they need it for a longer time, they can have a pass for a long duration. Flexi pass saves tons of money for people and organizations.


Virtual Office:    


Employees who are working remotely can use coworking space as a virtual office. Coworking spaces take care of everything from the firewall to the best virtual working environment. A person who is using a virtual office just needs to work on her projects. 

Free Trial:


Co-working spaces provide a free trial for their space. You can have a one-day free trial to assess coworking spaces. Coworking space service providers can suggest you better coworking space as per your personal needs. Coworking space provider such as SpaceN Workspaces provides personalized services to you. You don’t need to spend time finding better coworking space they do search work for you. 



Brainstorming, knowledge sharing and discussions are essential parts of any successful organization. Additionally, coworking spaces provide you places for various meetups where industry experts and many knowledgeable persons can transfer their knowledge to the masses.        

Coworking space is the future:


With the growing trends of freelancing and remote working, coworking space is definitely the future of the industry. It provides so many services in a cost-effective way that no one can deny the importance of coworking space. Coworking spaces are going to be knowledge hubs, working hubs and will provide the base to many talented people who otherwise might have reluctant to open their own venture due to enough money or are afraid of organizing so many things.

Even big organizations are valuing the concept of coworking spaces. Some big companies are giving their own space for coworking space. It's a win-win situation for them as they can share their great ideas with other talented people and on the other hand, they can become an incubation center for many small startups.

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