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10 Facts about Coworking

  • December 15 2020
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1. Coworking spaces world wide growth of close to 20% in 2019, Avarage number of members per location increased to 90.11% of coworking spaces host 300 people or more.

2.  30% of coworking members are extroverts, 47% are ambiverts and 22% are introverts. Introvert members prefer the Social atmosphere of coworking more than any other group.

3. 9 out of 10 women, who have setup or currently own a coworking space have atleaset a bachelor's degree. This figure stands at eight out of then for men, although the average age of 41 years in the same regardless of gender. Conversely, 20% of men founded a coworking space without studying or completing their studies.

4. Profitable coworking spaces are much more likely to be run by a women than a men. The proportion of men in managing positions increases at unprofitable coworking spaces.

5. Majority of introvert members decided on their own accord to work in a coworking space. They are even more likely to pay for it out of their pockets. More than among other personality types, the main membership attraction is the social atmosphere in a coworking space.


6. Introverted members are more likely to enjoy relaxed and small spaces. More introvert members often speak with around 3 other coworking members per working day. Around half as many than more extrovert members 


7. Members are becoming a bit more loyal. Three quarters of them aren't planning on leaving their coworking space or will stay for at least one more year- slightly more than in the last survey, albeit fewer than in the years before that.

8 Founders are still investing a very large portion of their private assets in to new coworking spaces. On average this is 44% of the overall capital investments - slightly lower than in the previous year. On the other hand, the shares that friends or family contribute increased to an average of 17%

9.  January and September are the peak session for new members, People join in January to make up for the amount of reduced working hours throughout Christmas. Every year, December is the month with the lowest number of new memberships around the world.

10. Almost half of all members worked in a home office(45%) before switching to a coworking space.


This are facts, which give us insight of members in coworking spaces, these facts are collected from various credible resources across the internet.


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