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Virtual offices in Goa 

Goa is popular for its beaches and hippy culture among youngsters of India and abroad. Goa is a southwestern state of India. Though India got freedom in 1947 from foreign rule, Goa got its long-due freedom from Portuguese invaders in 1961. A long Portuguese stay of 450 years can be felt in Goa’s culture and air.

Though Goa draws a different picture in common people’s minds with lots of beaches, restaurants, and cheap liquor, interestingly Goa as a part of the Kokan region has much more to offer. Goa’s traditions, festivals are all so vibrant and vivid that you can not take your eyes off Goa.

When it comes to industrial growth, Goa is a big habitation of fishing, agriculture, tourism, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Apart from these main industries, Goa has seen substantial growth in other sectors as well such as information technology, Marine, real estate, and many more.

BITS, Taj Group of Hotels, Siemens, Persistent Systems, Cipla, Tata Consultancy Services are among few big industrial names in Goa.

If you would like to have an office in Goa but don’t want to spend a hefty amount in maintaining an actual office, virtual offices in Goa can be of your assistance in the quest for the best offices.

Virtual offices in Goa can give you immense relief in terms of budget and facilities as well.

Facilities provided by virtual offices in Goa

Virtual offices in Goa provide many facilities, here, we’re listing key facilities provided by virtual offices in Goa.

GST registration

Virtual offices in Goa can help you with GST registration. GST registration has become an integral part of businesses. At every step of a business, GST handling can be a big pain. Virtual offices in Goa makes the task of  GST registration in GOA very easy for your business. Whether you need a GST registration in Goa or in neighboring states, virtual offices in Goa are always ready to make your task of GST registration very simple.

Courier handling

If your business needs courier handling, a virtual office in Goa can act as an actual office where couriers of a certain weight can be sent and received. For further information, please visit our website virtual office in Goa.

Email forwarding

Email forwarding and mail handling can be done on the behalf of your business. Some virtual offices in Goa provide the facilities of Email forwarding and mail handling, if you want to know specific services, contact @88266-07-949.

Bank related activities

Virtual offices in Goa can assist you in Bank related activities. The address of virtual offices in Goa can be used in official documents.

Credible Address for your office

Virtual office in Goa gives you a credible office address. Though it’s a virtual office address, it can be used in any place like an actual office premise’s address. It would be a professional address that you want to showcase to your prestigious customers.

Front desk handling

Front desk handling for your business can be done by virtual offices in Goa on the behalf of your business. You can talk to a team member of SpaceN workspaces for more information.

How SpaceN workspaces can be your best option in finding the best deal in the virtual offices of Goa.

SpaceN workspaces offer you virtual offices with the best services. The best virtual office in Goa is just a click away from you. You can visit our website SpaceN Virtual Offices.  If you have some different requirements other than the basic amenities of a virtual office, you can talk with an expert from SpaceN workspaces and she’ll guide you in obtaining the best facilities at a nominal charge.

Virtual offices in Goa

Right now, SpaceN workspaces have two well-established virtual offices in Goa. Panaji or Panjim is the capital of Goa. Panaji is famous for its beautiful Portuguese structures and forts.

Virtual offices in Panaji, Goa provide all the basic facilities such as GST registration, Bank related activities, courier and mail handling, etc. If you wish to use a virtual office address as an actual premise, it can be done at a nominal charge. You can use all the amenities of an actual traditional workspace at Virtual offices in Panaji, Goa. Printing services, high-speed internet are available in virtual offices in Panaji Goa.

Virtual office in Patto Centre, Panaji, Goa is a beautifully developed office. You would love to flaunt your office premises to your clients. Virtual office in Patto Centre offers the best location and beautifully decorated office premise.

Virtual office in 18 June road, Panjim provides budget-friendly virtual offices but does not compromise when it comes to facilities.

A well-equipped office can be used as a physical office whenever your business is required to do so.

If you want to run and excel in the race of business that too in the ever-changing dynamic and time, virtual offices in Goa can be your best choice. You can have a fascinating office address that can work as a virtual office by using the services of a virtual office in Goa. The best part is virtual offices in Goa are flexible in terms of offering services, you can opt-out for the services that are not needed for your business or alternatively can add more services at a pocket-friendly cost.

Don’t be in the lurch, just call an expert to the SpaceN Workspaces team or simply visit our website[ virtual offices in Goa] to explore more.




Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Popular Questions

We have qurated the questions you might have and we keep on updating them time to time.

What is a virtual office space in Goa?

Virtual office in Goa is an online office set up that works just like a physical work station. Virtual offices in Goa provide credible company addresses for various business communications.

What are the basic things a virtual office in Goa provides?

Mail handling, call forwarding, courier handling, online office setup, company address for GST registration and Bank related procedures. On demand, official meetings, corporate events and other client interactions activity can be arranged at virtual offices.

Can I use my home address as a registered office in India?

Yes, legally you can use your home address as a registered office. The main problem is that your company address might be displayed on various public platforms. A dedicated company address looks more professional than sheer home address. We have a better opportunity in the form of virtual offices so why should one go for the first approach?

Can I use a virtual office in Goa for company registration?

Yes, of course. Virtual offices in Goa can be used as corporate addresses for the company registration.

What is INC 22 compliance ?

A company is to have an official registered office from the fifteenth day of its incorporation to be able to receive and acknowledge all communication and notices that are addressed to it. Further, the verification of the registered office must be furnished to the Registrar within a period of 30 days of company incorporation. A company can change its registered office whenever required. For that it should file Form INC-22 with the Registrar regarding the situation of its registered office in the manner specified by the Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014.(temporary name plate for bank account verification or any other verification)

What is SpaceN add On?

SpaceN Addons give more flexibility to the customer in the form of customized Addons for Meeting Rooms, Flexi Day Visit Passes, Locker Facility, and Permanent Name Plate. You can customize your virtual office plan according to your need.

Types of Add Ons

  • Meeting hours- 5, 10, 20, 30 hours with validity similar to his payment plans.
  • Day visits- 5, 10, 20,50 days with validity similar to his payment plan.
  • Locker charges- For company and & GST Registration customers needs to maintain Book of Accounts. So we should provide them a locker to every such customer to maintain the Book of Accounts.
  • Permanent Name Plate Charges- Ideally customers need to have a permanent name plate with GST number in front of office premises.

How can I purchase SpaceN Virtual office in Goa online?

Yes, you can purchase SpaceN Virtual office in Goa plans through our Website. Once you complete the payment process and provide the required documents to us then we will provide the required documents for registration within two working business days.

How can I renew my Virtual office in Goa plan?

SpaceN System will generate an invoice before 30 days of expiration and email you to your registered email id with us. By doing payment before expiration your virtual office plan renewed again without any lapses.

What are the documents required for a Virtual office in Goa registration from a customer?

SpaceN Virtual Office in Goa is for those persons who need a professional address for mail handling as well as for GST & MCA registration.

Documents we Require:

  • Signing Authority Name(If directors are not available in India then we required Board resolution for Authorised signatory.), Phone number, and Email ID.
  • Aadhaar and PAN Card of all directors
  • Company Name, Incorporation Certificate and GST (if available)
  • KYC Docs

What are the documents which will be provided by SpaceN for virtual office in Goa registration?

For Company/GST Registration Purpose

  • Stamped Space Agreement
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Utility Bill

For Mailing Address Purpose?

  • No Objection Certificate

What is APOB (Additional Place of Business)?

For Company/GST Registration Purpose Additional Place of business is the place of business where taxpayer carries out business related activities within the State, in addition to the Principal Place of Business.

Who needs virtual offices in Goa?

There’s no set rule for you to avail a virtual office in Goa and almost every business, irrespective of their domain, have been seen availing these services. However, it is extremely beneficial for:

  • Entrepreneurs while incorporating a new company or startup in a new city
  • Businesses who’d like to expand to newer location limited resources.
  • For Businesses with a Pan-India presence virtual office in Goa is a cost-effective solution.
  • Companies who are completely remote & do not have a professional office address.
  • International companies looking to set up their offices in India.
  • Freelancers, remote workers, bloggers, home entrepreneurs looking to launch their business.

Are the documents required to provide Virtual Office in Goa for applying GST & the are the same in case of company registration?

Yes, documents for GST registration and company registration are the same.

How much time does it take to get a virtual office in Goa?

It takes us 3 working days to share the required documents in return (post receiving the complete details, payments from you)

How will I receive my mail or courier deliveries?

Everytime a courier is received, You'll be notified of the same. You can either get it collected yourself and you can ask us to forward it to your address by paying the nominal courier charges.

My query is not covered in the FAQ.

It is unfortunate that we were unable to address your concerns above. We would be happy to answer any further query that you may have; please tell us your query Through

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