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Coworking Spaces in Delhi

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Best Coworking Spaces in Delhi

Coworking spaces are becoming popular with the rapid increase of start-ups and entrepreneurship. An affordable, hassle-free workplace with a positive environment is a must for the success of any business, Coworking spaces are here to help you in getting the edge in this super-competitive environment by providing all necessary amenities which are required for a fully operational office.


Being the national capital, Delhi is the heart of our country. There are so many pros and cons of living and opening businesses in Delhi. The main benefit of doing business in Delhi is it provides better opportunities in terms of clients, investors, people for the big as well as small businesses. The con or negative point is the high cost of offices but don’t worry, coworking spaces or shared spaces are here to rescue you for a cost-effective business.

It’s quite difficult to find an office space according to your requirements and budget but worry not SpaceN is here to ease your task of finding a perfect office space. We have thousands of coworking spaces, out of which you can find your perfect one.

Location wise coworking spaces

Coworking Space in South Delhi

South Delhi is a posh area of the national capital. It mainly includes Saket, Hauz Khas, Mehrauli. Its strategic location, greater connectivity with other parts of the city makes it one of the best locations in and around Delhi. It’s expensive in terms of office spaces and parking but plus point is, you can choose your own office spaces from plenty of options. We at SpaceN are committed to serving you better with lots of choices. Team Cowork coworking space in Saket could be your best choice Saket if you are interested in a quiet and beautiful space with lots of recreational activities. Empowerers City Coworking space, Delhi Co coworking space are some of the best coworking spaces in the Hauz Khas area that offer the best facilities and a peaceful work environment. Wolk, Coworkin coworking spaces are at the prime location of Nehru place, apart from these few coworking spaces, you can choose coworking space from the wild range of coworking spaces from spaceN. You can visit our website for office spaces in South Delhi Best Coworking spaces in South Delhi.

Price range

Private cabin- ₹5,000/month per person to ₹40,000/month per person

Flexi cabin- ₹4,000/month to ₹17,000/month

Coworking Space in Laxmi Nagar

Laxmi Nagar comes under the East Delhi area. It’s a hub of various corporate offices and business centers. It’s just 3.2 km away from Noida and well connected with the other part of the city. Bank Enclave, Dayanand Block, Ease End Enclave, Guru Angad Nagar West, Guru Nanak Nagar, Guru Nanak Pura, Guru Ram Dass Nagar, Gyan Kunj are some of the main corporate areas in Laxmi Nagar. Collaborative work culture is in vogue across the world. Coworking spaces or shared office spaces have become a new norm for work. A stress-free work environment with all office facilities are easily available in coworking spaces. Beautiful and Serene workspace is waiting for you at The Nice Office Coworking space that remains open from 9 am to 8 pm. If you are looking for a coworking space in Laxmi Nagar then we are at your service, go to SpaceN.

Price range

Private cabin- ₹2,000/month per person to ₹30,000/month per person

Flexi cabin- ₹4,000/6 seats to ₹17,000/4s eats

Coworking Space in Janakpuri

Janakpuri is a south-west district of Delhi. It’s an opulent area equipped with modern amenities. It’s near the Delhi Cantonment area and can be easily accessed by Delhi Metro or road. Institutional area, Pankha road, Asha Park, Lajwanti Garden, Guru Nanak Pura, Chandar Nagar are some of the prominent areas in the Janakpuri. Community working is not a new trend, after the introduction of coworking spaces, it’s becoming more popular.

With the help of coworking spaces, new startups can flourish without getting involved in the nitty-gritty of office maintenance. Freelancers can work in peace without getting worried about Wifi speed or electricity fluctuations. There are so many neat and pleasant coworking spaces are available in and around the Janakpuri area. Work with us Coworking space in Janakpuri East provides you a pleasant work experience with all the office facilities. It’s heaven for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups. You can locate your desired coworking space at Coworking spaces in Janakpuri.

Price range

Private cabin- ₹9,500/month per person to ₹40,000/month per person

Dedicated desk - ₹8,500/month to ₹17,000/month

Coworking Space in Connaught Place/CP

Coworking Space in CP is known as the heart of Delhi. It is centered among intense buildings which makes a ring-type structure around Connaught Place. It’s a nerve center for various businesses. Many popular Indian and Global outlets are here in Connaught place. Many food chains and restaurants make this area more attractive for office goers and the public in general. Connaught Place is the ideal location for corporate offices. Many coworking spaces with modern amenities and facilities are here. There are lots of coworking space options available in Connaught Place.

Sometimes you need a private cabin to work in silence on a difficult component, sometimes you need shared space to work in collaboration with other like-minded people, spaceN provides you a wide range of coworking spaces to choose from. One Cowork Coworking space, InstaOfiice Coworking space, Start Cowork are a few of the best coworking spaces around the Connaught Place area.

Price range

Private cabin- ₹7,000/month to ₹40,000/month per person

Dedicated seats- ₹4,000/month to ₹17,000/month

Coworking Space in Mayur Vihar

Mayur Vihar comes under East Delhi. Coworking Space in Mayur Vihar is close to the Noida-Delhi border. It’s situated across the Yamuna river. Mayur Vihar is popular among corporate offices. Mayur Vihar has significantly developed industrial areas. It’s developed into three parts Mayur Vihar phase1, phase2, phase3. It’s easy to find coworking spaces or shared spaces in Mayur Vihar. You can find your perfect office in the comfort of your own home. Coworking spaces are getting popular in the Mayur Vihar areas. Whether you want coworking space for a day or a month or a longer period, spaceN is always there for you to choose your desired office space. eTribe Coworking space in Mayur Vihar phase 1 gives you a feel of a traditional office with modern amenities and freedom.

Price range

Private cabin- ₹7,000/month to ₹40,000/month per person

Dedicated seats- ₹4,000/month to ₹17,000/month

Coworking Space in Dwarka

Dwarka is among one of the most popular destinations in Delhi. It comes under the west wing of the national capital. Dwarka has many beautiful temples and structures. It has both old values and modern ways of life. Most of the parts of Delhi are overcrowded and there is very little space for new developments but in Dwarka, new spaces are still developing and flourishing. Dwarka has so many wonderful coworking spaces with modern amenities and wonderful infrastructure. If you’re bored from your work from home option and do not want to commute in Delhi- traffic daily, choose your favorite coworking space from spaceN and enhance your productivity and positivity. Nimiit coworking space provides you a beautiful collaborative workspace with nature’s touch in Dwarka Sector-7. If you don’t like the funky style of working, Work Like Boss Coworking space provides you more professional workspace. If you’re looking for customized office space then Workingdom Coworking could be your perfect choice.

Price range

Private cabin- ₹7,000/month to ₹40,000/month per person

Dedicated seats- ₹4,000/month to ₹17,000/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What is coworking space?

Ans. Its name for shared or dedicated office where people work independently or in teams at affordable price. Coworking spaces are popular in metro cities due to stress-free work environments.

Ques. How coworking spaces are different from traditional offices?

Ans. You don’t need to take care of non-productive things such as infrastructure, electrician, office maintenance, electricity bills, etc in coworking spaces. You just need to focus on your work.

Ques. What are the best locations in Delhi?

Ans. Janakpuri, South Delhi, Laxmi Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Connaught Place, Dwarka are the best locations to work in Delhi.

Ques. What are some best coworking spaces available in Delhi?

Ans. The Nice Office Coworking Space in Laxmi Nagar, Work Like Boss, Talent4Assure, Nimiit in Dwarka, CoVork in Pachm Vihar, Team Cowork in Saket, YC in sector-14 West Delhi, BrainyColony Rohini, We Codesk in Lado Sarai, Coworkin, Rworkspace , Wolk in Nehru Place, Peer Share in Vasant Vihar.

Ques. What are some Price-friendly coworking spaces in Delhi?

Ans. eTribe Coworking space, Start Cowork, Delhi-co Noida, Sector 9

Ques. What facilities do coworking spaces provide?

Ans. Coworking spaces take care of every need a typical office-goer needs. Typically a coworking space provides-

Wifi/high-speed internet



Private cabins

Dedicated seats

Flexible seatings

Meeting rooms

Equipments for virtual meetings

Centre for recreational activities

Corporate training


Fitness centers