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Impress customers with Premium address.

Impress customers with Premium address and premium servics starts at Just ₹699 per Month and when your customer visits, give them impressoin of your premium office.

Office address for Company Registration.

Get all documents for company registration and GST registration.

Use Address on website & Business cards.

Register on 100's of online services, get google map location.

Get World Class centralized support.

You will get Premium centralized support, our professional team will be on alert to solve your queries. Signup and be assured that you always have professional team to support for you.

What is Virtual office

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A virtual office is an office without actually having one. You can place your business with a credible address and mail handling service. You don’t have to pay monthly rent, which makes the plan budget-friendly. You can also use the same address for company/GST registration. The virtual office is great for those who can’t afford to have multiple offices all over. Yet thanks to advanced technology, you do have an office, call or service center where actually none exists. That’s the charm of it.

What Makes a Virtual Office Special?

The greatest advantage of a virtual office is that you can have it anywhere in the world without being actually present there. This is most advantageous to small and medium businesses, which don’t have the financial means to start branch offices in cities and countries where there are ample business opportunities and customer queries keep flooding in.

With your virtual office comes its virtual number, to which any call can get forwarded from a pre-set number or numbers. These are also known as forwarding numbers and make you accessible anywhere in the world. Usually virtual office numbers are set to receive forwarded calls to numerous telephone numbers and depend on the time and day of a particular week.

Costs for using a virtual office can run as low as ₹650 for a month to ₹2500 per month or more for a month-to-month lease for basic services. The more services that are added on, the more expensive it will be.

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Our Office Space Solutions

We provide a number of products for your office space needs, Private offices, Virtual offices and Customized Offices.

Private Office

your own serviced locakble office.

Private Team offices are Locakable, Serviced offices for teams from 2 members to 500 members. Search for an office from largest office space inventory and choose one which suites you, all office information is updated on platform in details, so that you can quickly make a decison.

Virtual Office

A premium office address at a fraction of cost.

This is best solution if you need to visit office occasionally and need a professional business address which act as your office, with this all your Guest will be received, your mails will be handled and you can select number of visits you want in a month or a year. Its your permanent office for your customers and your flexible office when you want to use it.

Fully Customized Offices

We will find and Customize the office, the way you want.

We can search and develop your dream office, any capacity, any location. SpaceN experts will find best space as per your needs and our partners will design and build it according to your taste and prefrences.

Add Ons

Make your Virtual office more Productive with Add ons Packages

Add meeting room hours

Add meeting room hours

If you meet more people, add meeting room hours, 10 hours, 20 hours... or more. Our team will make sure meeting room is ready for you.

Add Day visits

Add Day visits

You visit your office as offten as you want, just add day visits, 5 visits, 10 visits.... and more. Vist your office and enjoy all the services, comfort and productivity.

Display Your companies Sign Board Permanently

Display Your companies Board Permanently

Though we takes care of the complience, INC22, bank verification and stick your Company's board temproraly but if you want your business identity to be there all the time and want a permanent Sign board, You can do this.


what you get when you purchase SpaceN Virtual Office services.

Mail/Courier Handling

We provide all Courier and Mail Handling services - Courier notification to provided email/phone 1. Courier Scanning 2. Courier Forwarding

Office Assistance/ Front Desk

Office Assistant For Representation of Your Company 1. Customer welcome 2.Customer Handing

Bank Account Opening

Bank Account Opening Verification Support With 1. Name Plate On Wall 2. coordination with bank personal 3. documentation support

Address Usage

Address can be used on 1. Visiting cards, 2. Letterheads, 3. Emailers, 4. Websites, and for all your business Communications.

Address use Across Internet

Use of Professional Address all across internet like 1. Google 2. Just dial 4. OLX and on other 100's of places

Customer Support

We provide full customer support for a year over Email or Phone.

Company Registration at Just ₹4,499*

We have tied up with various service porvider to get your company registered at discounted price of just ₹4,499(Govt charges and third party charges additional)

GST registration at Just ₹499

Being Our esteemed customer has other benefits, our premium vendors work with you for GST registration at Just ₹499

Many Many more Benefits

In addition to above benefits there many benefits like, - mail forwarding - mail scanning - google map location - address on 100s of sites

Explore Popular Cities

Popular Cities

Explore Virtual office Solutions in most popular cities.


Delhi is not a city, Delhi is the heart of India


Beautiful Noida.


Fantastic Gurugram


Home of Nizams, Hyderabad.


Home of Bollywood, Mumbai


Silicon Vally of India, Bangalore.

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