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Coworking Spaces in Noida

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Coworking spaces in Noida

Noida has emerged as a new corporate hub in the Delhi NCR region. With the ease of doing business, investors' friendly policies, modern infrastructure makes Noida a perfect choice for various businesses. Be it real estate, IT services, or any other aspects of businesses, Noida has become the epicenter of startups and big wigs. There are many premium institutes in Noida which attract brilliant talent from all over India thus invite companies that are in search of the best talent in the country. Coworking spaces in Noida are also blooming due to the above factors.

Noida is a very planned city in Uttar Pradesh. Expressway and metro connectivity makes Noida more accessible from Delhi-NCR and other neighboring cities. Many big and small offices have mushroomed in the Noida area. If you're looking for the best-shared office or Coworking workstation in Noida that can cater to your requirement, visit spaceN for your perfect coworking space. Noida is getting popular for many incubation centers that are involved in flourishing fresh ideas and startups.

Okhla bird sanctuary, Botanical Garden, DLF mall, GIP, and other main outlets of various Global chains make Noida. There are so many famous restaurants and cafes in Noida. Ambedkar city, Atta market sector-27, Noida phase-2, Noida Electronic city, Noida SEZ area, Botanical garden sector-38, Bishanpura, Baruala sector-49, Aghapur sector-41, etc are few prominent locations for coworking offices. You can choose coworking spaces according to your requirements and budget from the various range of coworking spaces in Noida from Best coworking spaces.

Some well-known coworking spaces in the Noida area:

Coworking spaces in Sector-59, Noida

Sector-59, Noida is a well-developed industrial area in Noida. Coworking spaces in sector-59 of Noida are a symbol of the new ways of working. It’s a metro station which is a blue line extension of Delhi metro. If you are looking for shared offices or coworking spaces in sector-59, visit spaceN for more options.

Coworking is definitely the future of the modern era, if you like to work with people of diverse experience and backgrounds but with freedom then Let's Connect coworking space at Noida sector-59 is ready to welcome you. Power back up, round-the-clock security, parking, free wifi, etc are few facilities provided by coworking spaces in the Noida area.

Price range

Private cabin starts from - ₹5,000/ per person per month

Dedicated seats starts from - ₹4,500/month

Coworking spaces in Sector-63, Electronic City, Noida

Sector-63 has various shops and corporate offices, newly developed Noida Electronic City metro station helped in developing this area leaps and bound thus makes Sector-63 a favorite spot for coworking spaces. Electronic City with various coworking spaces and shared offices offers a wide range of choices. Wrokege Coworx Coworking spaceis located in the busy industrial area of Noida sector-63. If you like to watch beautiful surroundings from the terrace, Wrokege Coworx Coworking space welcomes you with an open terrace facility. High-speed internet, office supplies, technical support are some of the best things offered by coworking spaces in this area.

91springboard coworking space, Cubicle WorkZone, Woxways Coworking space, Workwings coworking spaces are some of the best coworking spaces in sector-63 Noida.

Price range

Private cabin starts from - ₹5,000/ per person per month

Dedicated seats starts from - ₹4,500/month

Coworking spaces in Sector-2, Noida

Coworking spaces in Sector-2, Noida are at North-West of Noida, a positive point of sector-2 is, its connectivity with neighboring NCR cities. Sector-2 Noida is just a KM away from the DND flyover. There are so many beautiful coworking spaces in the Sector-2 area for more such options just go to spaceN. If you're looking for a peaceful and beautiful coworking space office in sector-2 of Noida then Coworkin, Soshare could be the right choice for you. It’s well equipped with all modern IT technologies and facilities.

Price range

Private cabin starts from - ₹5,000/ per person per month

Dedicated seats starts from - ₹4,500/month

Coworking spaces in Sector-8, Noida

Sector-8, Noida situated near the Delhi-Noida border. It’s a well-developed industrial area. It could be an ideal location if your office is in between Delhi and Noida or you just want to work near Delhi. Sector-8, Noida is well developed and surrounded by modern infrastructures and markets. Coworking spaces in Sector-8 Noida could be the best way to work. If you don’t want to waste your time for a coworking space that offers good staff, affordable price, only use and pay, community help, etc, just visit spaceN

If you want to work in a beautifully designed coworking space, Amigo coworking space could be your call for such office in the sector-8 area of Noida. If you want modern amenities with a nice and beautiful atmosphere, the Coregano coworking space in sector-8 can fulfill your requirement.

Price range

Private cabin starts from - ₹5,000/ per person per month

Dedicated seats starts from - ₹4,500/month

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Ques. What are the popular coworking space locations/clusters in Noida?

Ans. Sector-63, Sector-8, Sector-2, Atta market, etc are some popular industrial locations.

Ques. What are some best coworking spaces in Noida?

Ans. Wrokege Coworx, 91springboard coworking space, Cubicle WorkZone, Woxways, Workwings are some of the best coworking spaces in and around the Noida area.

Ques. What facilities do coworking spaces provide in Noida?

Ans. You’ll get opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people and could get opportunities to attend various events and meet-ups. Executive Board rooms, private cabins, dedicated desks are few facilities provided by coworking spaces.

Ques. What would be the approximate cost of a Flexi pass in Noida?

Ans. The avarage cost for One day pass is ₹350

Ques. Which one is better: a dedicated seat or a flexible plan?

Ans. It depends on your requirement. If you’re a regular office goer then a dedicated seat could be the suitable choice for you. If you sometimes like to work from your office and sometimes from your home and you don't mind not having same seat everytime you visit the space, Flexible plan is more suitable for you.

Ques. Do we have to pay separately for parking in a coworking space?

Ans. It varies from coworking spaces to coworking spaces. Most of them provide free parking but there could be some coworking spaces that may charge you separately. It’s advisable that you should ask all these queries beforehand.

Ques. What is the monthly average cost of a coworking space in and around the Noida area?

Ans: Monthly avarage cost is differnt in different cluster, in Sector 1,2,16 its around ₹5,000 and in Sector 62,63 its around ₹5,500