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Coworking Spaces Are Better Than Work From Home

  • December 04 2020
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In simple terms, Traditional Offices were the places where the employees of the company work together as a team at the place assigned to them as their office where only the people associated with their company were allowed to work and no other company was allowed to work there. Coming to the modern age of working, in today’s age, everybody wants to be their own boss. Keeping this fact in mind, people are increasingly working in coworking spaces.


What is a Coworking Space?


Coworking space is basically a place that is hired by the head of one company in a mutual way where other companies can also be collaborated and work.


For example, most of the coworking spaces are hired by freelancers who work at the ease of their convenience and who is associated with a virtual team and want an office to work so that no boredom can hit them and also, they don’t feel lethargic sitting and working at home. In a coworking space, a team can also collaborate. Most of the startups who don’t have enough funds to start a business but eagerly want to own and run a successful business, hire a coworking space at not very high prices but very affordable ones. As traditional offices have a very boring and old look, the concept of coworking spaces is new and also it possesses an environment which is very cool to work in and work can be enjoyed there. Giving all your hours of the day to a place where you would actually enjoy what you do is a choice of many nowadays whereas people who are increasingly looking to save all the profits into their purse prefer working in coworking spaces. Working just in cubical walls all day long makes life boring and subtracted fun from one’s life, leaving them demotivated.

           Moving towards talking about the advantages we have with the coworking space, one biggest advantage of it is the cost and time management., Let us discuss it in detail.


               Benefits Of Co-working Spaces

Coworking spaces are Cost-Effective


In a newly opened business or startups, you can say, the biggest factor that the owner of a company gives focus is finding a place to work in which is not very expensive. The concept of working in a coworking space is new and many companies have not yet got to know what does it actually means.


Building new connections


In a coworking space, many other companies are working, so you could have a word with them when you are enjoying your free time in the office or while having your short tea breaks. This the way you not only open up your chances of being preferred by other the company but also, you could make your workspace a fun space by making friends out there. If you got to work in a company that has its office in a coworking space, always try to take benefit of it.


Time Management


You would now wonder how time can be managed by working in a coworking space? Well, there are many people who want to give their properties to the companies on rent and earn a living from there. However, if you are a freelancer and want to avoid extra traveling you could day work in a coworking space near your home. Coworking spaces are a very convenient place to work where you don’t have to go too far from your family and your purpose of working peacefully and being productive is also solved. Nowadays, having family time is very important which goes in vain just because of the ugly traffic on roads. The concept of coworking spaces is new and people should increasingly accept it.


Flexibility is more effective


In the Traditional office market, long-year lease agreements hit companies' decision-making things like moving the location, etc. Most of the agreements are affected with lockin agreements which are the factor difficulty. Along with this on the other side of the table at coworking space, things are totally different. In the shared office space things operating on a monthly basis with no lockIn period.


Less Pricing


As we know most startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers prefer Metro cities, Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities as working. Day by day rising the price of real estate is making it difficult to purchase or taking on rent an office but in another side in coworking space (Shared office space) Price are seat bases which make the office space much convenient and affordable.


Extra Amenities Give Peace Of Mind


At the traditional office owner of a startup, freelancers need to take responsibility for the extra amenities like Tea/coffee, Printer, Wifi, Ac for themselves as well as for their teams. In short Which becomes difficult sometimes even time-consuming. But coworking space is providing these services included free of cost. You just need to focus on your work all other things will take care of by the coworking space. You just need to raise a ticket and your problem will solve within no time.


Challenges faced by traditional offices.


Staff Maintenance cost


If you work in an office that has a traditional workspace then you might hire some support staff to look after the cleanliness of your office and make it up to the mark. So, this is an additional cost you might have to bear while you work in a traditional workspace.


Stationary costings


Workspaces always require printers, inks, rims, pens, diaries; which being a traditional office holder you must have to bear. While these all are taken care of while you work with the coworking spaces.


Poor Internet Connectivity


Net connections are also a major concern nowadays. If you work in a coworking space then these kinds of concerns are always taken care of by the space provider. My own personal experience, being a freelance content writer benefited from the concept of coworking spaces. In fact, I noticed an improvement in writing both in terms of quality and quantity.


The environment which I work in, the energy and enthusiasm from which I am working there and of course the good company make me feel so much positivity at my workplace. It is equipped with a play area, a good mood food court to refresh your mood and a lobby where you can work on cozy sofas, a comfortable couch with a large sip of Starbucks coffee side by your work.


Moreover, as mentioned earlier as well, working in a coworking space is about working with other highly motivated people who are so much passionate and particular about their work that makes your day at work.


The sparkling lights, the lift lobbies, the Tim-Tim lights in the breakout area along with good ambiance and comfortable couch make your day and makes you work with even more energy and zeal, enthusiasm as well as passion.

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