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why digital marketing is important

  • May 08 2021
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What is digital marketing?

 As we are living in the 21st century, we’re crippled by the modern space-age technology called the internet. We can get anything with just a few controlled clicks. Marketing is defined as identifying potential customers or prospecting the significant population to researching, promoting, researching, distributing, and selling tangible or intangible products. When the mode of communication turned online then it was termed digital marketing.

Digital marketing is everything that is a culmination of advertisements and the internet. The mediums such as social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc, sponsored email, web browser application, search engines, websites, or any new medium for user interaction. With the changing world, the world is becoming more of a technocrat where people select their choice of products through different media streams.


It encompasses all marketing efforts that promote your product or brand using electronic devices or the internet it leverages online marketing tactics such as search marketing, email marketing, social media marketing to connect with current and prospective customers. The amount of time people are spending on their electronic devices is increasing drastically.


With the promotion of products over the Internet or any form of electronic media, people consume digital content daily like for example, in the beginning, we would read all the news or the day-to-day news over the newspaper. But ever since we’ve got smartphones, we’ve got tablets, everything is bound to online activity. So, the traditional marketing platforms will soon disappear by replacing it with the digital market, which will completely take over the industry. There are so many advantages to using digital marketing.


The task that you complete online cannot be done with the help of traditional marketing.

Digital marketing has several smaller divisions that work in different directions yet contribute to the firm's overall growth. Basically, digital marketing is considered an umbrella term which is also known as data-driven marketing and operates over the digital platform.

Digital marketing is really big in encompassing all these other aspects of marketing: Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Online PR, and affiliate management.

Content marketing is basically proliferating your content on Youtube, Instagram, Podcasting, Blogs, etc. It’s the top level of the funnel if you consider digital marketing a funnel. Motivational Quotes on Twitter, informative or motivational video on youtube, podcast came under this level of marketing.

Online Advertising is the management of online ads typically on Google, Facebook, Youtube. These can be the main platform for advertising but you can be advertising anywhere on the internet.


Native advertising is when you’re advertising articles online using ad networks.


Marketing Automation is basically a subset of digital marketing, the software tools to automate all these processes in your marketing. Like if you are SMS, call loops, and email marketing performing at the same time then you need to automate the process by using Customer relationship management.


Email marketing is simply writing the sequences of different email campaigns. Depending on what the customer does or what the prospect does, we have different emails that we send each person. It’s important to write our emails accordingly and optimize our emails based on open rates. Based on click-through rates. Based on even deliverability rates. All of these are important in email marketing.


Affiliate Marketing is managing different affiliates that promote your program on a commission-only basis. Now, for a company like Uber has different tens of thousands that affiliates that market Uber to customers. The affiliate managers to talk to all the people like me to get them to inform their audiences of the bonuses or specials or discounts or promotions that they have going on that particular week or month or year.

Online PR  is to establish links or update customers and potential customers via the Internet.

Many businesses are defining digital methods to target their potential customers in a particular demographic. Small scale businesses are the ones that are making fortune. A water pump manufacturing startup in Punjab is getting their business online, starting from targeting a particular population in the regional area, Pumpkart is launched providing various services like ordering pumps online, requesting servicing of pumps, online sampling videos of pumps digital platform set up to interact with the customers. Taking the business online rewards him an unexpected amount of sales and profits. Now, they know their customer base and know-how to target them by designing ads for them and meeting their demands. Every customer leaves digital footprints when they check items on a website, which helps the startup design their ads specifically, which further helps maintain the supply chain management.

We browse or click on the Internet for every product our digital footprints are recorded as marketing strategies to the manufacturers. Likewise, when a customer responds to the running ads on a website his response is recorded and similar ads having a similar product are fed to the user. Various algorithms are designed to identify potential customers. Response or feedback links are provided to retrieve personal feedback from the customers to improvise the product or the services provided by the services. The user interface on any website also plays a vital role in making potential customers.

The future of digital marketing is booming not just in one particular country but in all parts of the world. Now the digital marketing industry is at its peak and the moment due to several reasons which are  

 1- Highly Flexible since all the work can be done on the Internet, there is no friction of a particular place.

 2-Easy as accessing digital media is no rocket science and can be learned in a span of a few days, This is a purely user-friendly medium.

 3- High Engagement  Ratio as traditional media are being completely overshadowed by internet led digital marketing due to high engagement factors, the brands and companies have begun to give extra emphasis on digital marketing

 4-Job Opportunities in the field of digital marketing are very high. The more user engagement the more job opportunities. The employment sector has seen a major share dominated by Digital Marketing.

With food and water being the necessities for the human body, social media feed is also considered a vital component for the mind; it has to be fed regularly. You might not get anxiety or FOMO by not eating food but these can be induced due to non-acceptance status on social media. Digital Media plays a crucial role in structuring our decision on a daily life basis.


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