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Top 5 Coworking spaces in Central Delhi

  • March 05 2021
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         Top 5 coworking spaces in Central Delhi


The covid-19 outbreak has put a brake on the normal routine of every person. The corporate world too felt hiccups in their day-to-day lives. To overcome the serious threat posed by the covid outbreak to the corporate world, the corporate world has taken all the necessary measures to keep its spirit and work going on. In the present scenario, work from home has become the new norm of office life. 

More and more offices and people are opting for work from home but there are so many cons of working from home. A person who is working from home may face several glitches which come in the disguise of nagging family members, visiting relatives, power outbreak, internet connectivity, demotivation. These few direct problems, there are several indirect issues as well.

So, coworking spaces are here to rescue you and your business ideas.  As life is returning to its normal track, coworking spaces are gaining popularity due to their unique features, and are becoming more popular. Coworking space can enhance your working experience by including creativity, connectivity, networking, collaboration, and cooperation. 

So, if you want to work in a coworking space environment in Delhi or more specifically central Delhi, we are here to help you to choose the best coworking spaces according to your personalized needs.

These five coworking spaces are unique in their own way.s You can choose a coworking space that is most suitable for your needs.


1-One Cowork


Connaught Place is considered the heart of Delhi. It has so many business hubs. One Cowork is situated at the prime location. Though there are so many eminent things we are listing some most important points.



When someone chooses a coworking space, location matters a lot. One Cowork coworking space is situated just an earshot away from the Delhi metro station. Connaught place is a favorite place for many office goers, due to its diverse and youthful crowd. Commute time decreases drastically due to very good connectivity. Apart from commutation time, at this location, there are so many business hubs and best cafeterias and restaurants.



it is said, “ A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  When it comes to infrastructure, One Cowork stands with premium establishments. A pleasant infrastructure and atmosphere can certainly increase productivity.  Be it a reception area or meeting rooms or rooms for brainstorming sessions, its infra gives you a world-class feeling. You won’t miss a traditional office and the plus point is, it's not boring like traditional offices. A well-furnished infrastructure is full of youthful energy.



There are so many plans available here. You can choose them as per your requirement. There are different ranges for different services. You can book a dedicated seat for just 12000/ month or if you don’t like the idea of sitting in one place then you can book a hot seat 699/ day. For information on various price ranges for different services, you can contact the service provider directly by visiting their website One Cowork.


 Recreational Activities

If you’re working more than 9 hours a day then only your working area can’t be important for you. Recreational activities become more important so that you can get a fresh start after intense brainstorming sessions or after a very strenuous meeting.

One coworking space takes care of this utterly important aspect in a very cheerful manner.

From time to time, they arrange different events such as ‘play a song’ and conferences and seminars on various topics. A clean and well-established kitchen always remains open for lip-smacking food.


2-Insta Office


Insta Office is another star in the coworking spaces world. If you want to feel the look of the coworking space just visit their website Insta Office. Insta office is so sure to make your workplace a happy and beautiful place that you can spend your whole day in their coworking space for free of cost.



When it comes to location, Insta Office coworking space is located at a very prime location in CP. It is easily accessible by metro and surrounded by various premium facilities. Insta Office makes your collaboration smooth. It is a quite perfect coworking space for people who don’t want to be worried about any single thing except their business ideas or productive work.



InstaOffice gives you a feel of a traditional corporate office but it’s not boring as usual offices.  Open workstations which are best in their type are here to welcome you with lots of free coffee, tea, and snacks. Paid parking according to your requirement can be availed without any hassle.



Insta Office makes available various services at competitive prices.  You can choose meeting rooms according to your team size or requirements. Office spaces of various sizes are also available. They provide Flexi passes as well as daily passes for varying needs of their community members. Their price starts at 8000 per month for a dedicated seat and a private cabin can be obtained at 9000 per seat.


 Recreational Activities

When it comes to recreational activities, Insta Office provides very good facilities. They provide proper parking to community members. Their pantry is always open, so you don’t need to roam here and there for refreshments breaks.


Apart from beautiful buildings and infrastructure, the Insta office takes care of your every need be it IT support at odd hours or sudden meetings, or prestigious client visits.




Work culture in the world is changing its face very rapidly and of course, India’s work culture cannot remain untouched by the new wave of Coworking space’s culture.

Nukleus is one of the best coworking spaces situated in Delhi. Collaboration with creativity is the main mantra of any successful coworking space. Nukleus is not very far away from providing the best amenities to its members.



Nukleus is situated near main Pusa Road, New Delhi. It is near the Central Delhi areas and Patel Nagar.  Nukleus coworking space is located in Rajendra Place complex which is a highly developed multistoried business complex. Public conveyances such as metro, public buses, private cabs, etc are easily accessible and readily available from this location. More specifically,  It’s just 2 minutes walk away from Rajendra Place metro station, so you or your business team can travel at very ease daily.



It is the best developing coworking space in the Delhi area. Its interior is quite beautiful. Central Delhi is a very crowded area, noise pollution has become a big problem in and around Delhi. Nukleus coworking space protects the hurdle of unnecessary sounds. It’s situated on a lower ground floor where you or your team can work comfortably in a very peaceful environment.



Coworking spaces are taking front seats from traditional office culture due to unique features such as Flexi passes or daily-based passes.

You can get your seat or office space according to your requirement here in Nukleus.


 Recreational Activities

Being a newbie, freshness of the concept and environment can be easily found in Nukleus. Music can create life in anything and is pleasant to our ears. The nectar of music can be felt in the vibrant environment of Nukleus. Its infrastructure is based on musical themes.


4- Coworkin


If you are looking for a coworking office in the Patel Nagar area then Coworkin is a perfect choice for you. 

Coworking simply enhances your chances of networking. Networking is a very important point for any business. While working in Coworkin you may find your coworker for another project or you can hire some very talented person without spending much of your valuable time.

There are so many facilities that are offered by Coworkin, few are listed below



Cowokin is a few meters away from Patel Nagar metro station, you just need to walk for a few minutes and you’ll reach your destination. You can utilize your commute time in your business idea. The prime location is the positive point of Coworkin.



If we talk about the infrastructure of Coworkin, it’s quite nice and peaceful. It gives you a feeling of a shared office. If you are the one who’s fed up with various interventions at your home while working, you can surely find office-like environments and amenities at Coworkin coworking space. It's a very nice and clean coworking space.



If you want a coworking space that fits into your pocket then Coworkin is the right place for you. All necessary office facilities are available at a very reasonable cost.

You can choose plans according to your requirement. Hot seats are available at 5000 per month and you can organize an event at a very budget-friendly cost.


Recreational Activities

If you don't want to spend your precious time on non-productive things such as paying electricity bills, buying or borrowing furniture or other security issues, etc then you should definitely choose Coworkin as your coworking space.

Coworkin provides access key cards for better security. It provides proper spaces for breakouts. You can get freshly brewed tea or coffee at your arm’s length.

If you don’t like crowded coworking spaces, go for Coworkin where you find all relevant amenities at a good price.


5-Start cowork



Start cowork is another good coworking space for people who need a coworking space near R.K. Ashram marg. It’s just a 2 minutes walking distance away from the metro station.  It’s a prime location. It could add indirect value to your project or business in terms of less commute time and less physical and mental tiredness.



Start cowork is a small but beautifully built coworking space. Its tidy and tranquil environment is waiting for your welcome. Good amenities and facilities make any office beautiful. Start Cowork is to adhere to all guidelines related to covid. The office is frequently getting sanitized, In wake of covid-19, a distanced seating arrangement has been provided. They try to minimize touchable items to minimize risks. PPE kits are also available on demand.



Start cowork provides various amenities and facilities required for an office at a very reasonable price.

All necessary facilities such as hot seats, dedicated seats, or dedicated cabins are available too without weighing too much on your pocket.

Flexi seats are available at 200/visit, apart from this dedicated desks are also available. If you wish to explore more price ranges and facilities just visit their website startcoworks.


 Recreational Activities

A very peaceful, cozy environment is waiting for your welcome at Start cowork. You can work on your projects or business ideas without any hustle-bustle. When you are free from time-consuming but tiny responsibilities, your or your team's ideas and creativity will certainly find the way. So, don't waste your time and take a tour to the Start cowork for your official works.


These are the top 5 coworking spaces near Central Delhi. You should definitely try coworking spaces according to your specialized needs. These coworking spaces are here to help you to grow as a programmer, data scientist, project manager, web developer, or any other dream role. Go, grab the golden opportunity to work in a dynamic, peaceful, encouraging environment.





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