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8 Productivity hacks that will help you to be Productive In a Busy Schedule

  • May 11 2021
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Many people, professionals, and have a dream to be leaders who are serious and motivated in their life trying to find the answer to the question " How to be productive?"


A Human resource professor, Pies Steel Describes that 21% of People deteriorate with periodic procrastination. When people delay the deadlines of the tasks without a reason is called procrastination. This is a psychological term.  Sometimes Some organized people spend their important time watching TV Or Using their Social Media.


To Understand “How to be productive?” 1st we have to Understand procrastination. As I already answered you, when people delay their work without a reason is called procrastination. For example, when I’m writing this blog, I drink coffee and I went to see the rain outside in the street to feel stress-free.

This is the lazy-procrastination statistics. Further, in this article, we’ll cover how to avoid this.


Here are no. of the negative effect of Procrastination. Some serious procrastinators maybe suffer from depression, anxiety. They can suffer from the sleeping problem, Some of suffering from a problem with friends or family. Procrastination really affects a person with a loss of amount.


The best way to avoid procrastination is to keep busy yourself your work. That is real productivity. When you have to keep busy yourself then why not in the work which has the deadline far near. Manage your time in a good way that you wouldn’t get the opportunity to waste your time.


How to be Productive?


Organized Todo List


Don’t overstuff yourself. Research says that when we know the things for the day, chances to become productive increase rapidly. But sometimes we are not arranging our tasks. Some tasks took a long time but some tasks took a short time. This difference can unbalance us. And our to-do list becomes our enemy as procrastination.


Set Small goal for every task


Making a goal for tasks and complete them makes us happy and confident for the upcoming task. An arrangement of a big task, breaking the task in small goals. A large goal converts into small goals. Which are easy to complete in time duration.


Focus on 1 task only


Do you know the meaning of an organized ToDo list? No? Ok, Let me take you to the organized world. When you have your ToDo list with you. After that, you have to follow to important Step. You have to grade your task according to importunacy. You know which task is more important put them in 1st position then 2nd Important and so on. With this technique, you clearly know which task is most important to finish 1st.


Track the Time


Nature provides 86400 Seconds in a day. These are the same for everyone whether anyone is a human or animal. Nature has no partiality. It depends on us how we are spending our earning which nature provides us. This is a human tendency that he or she never tracks their habitual things. So to manage your productivity You have to track your time that where you are spending your time earned from nature. According to the sheet, you can make a plan for the next Day, Week, Or month.


Delegate The Things and Follow-up


A leader never tries to do every work on his/her own. He/she always trust the team. The delegation has 2 mane bank 1st is assigning the task to your team. This is a difficult task because you have to understand your team or person’s limits and have to assign the task. 2nd task is a follow-up. This is also an important task as you assigned the task to your team but you didn’t move from your responsibility for that task.


Follow the 1% Rule in life


Many researchers find that starting a task is easier than converting that habit in our life. Around 50 % of people follow the task only for 10 to 20 days. Remain 20% to 30 % Follow the conditions for 1 month to 6 months. A few people can make tasks habits in their life.  So don’t try to change everything at one time. Try to improve things 1% daily. According to a study. If anyone improves Himself or herself 1% daily then he/She can improve 38 times in a year.


Stop and give a mountain view


When you are busy with multiple responsibilities. Getting stop and giving a mountain view of your tasks is one of the important factors. The top view always clears the things where I’m going wrong or right. So you have the chance to correct yourself before wasting much time which can many you more productive.


Keep Away the multitasking


Do you know who is the biggest enemy of productivity? Multitasking is one of the biggest and important enemies of Productivity. Switching from one task to another task consumes energy which reduces concentration power. Professor Daniel Levitin A Neuroscience behavior professor says that “Switching comes with a biological cost that ends up making us feel tired much more quickly than if we sustain attention on one thing”.


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