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Top 6 Co-Working Spaces in Mumbai

  • December 24 2021
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Top Co-working spaces in Mumbai


Co-working spaces used to be popular but the post-pandemic scenario has changed drastically. Mostly People were working from home. Working from home gave much flexibility to the employees such as it reduces commute time, employees can take breaks for their important work in between. 

There are numerous benefits that work from the office offered then came the chaotic part of this beautiful arrangement.People were again getting tired of home set up. They're fed up with unwanted interference during work.

Co-working spaces can be considered as a link between work from home and work from the office. Co-working spaces in Mumbai give you the best of work from home and work from the office.

Work from office facilities includes a dedicated desk, workstation, meeting rooms, in-office support, conference room, etc.

Work from home facilities includes less commute time, refreshments breaks, a friendly environment, meeting with like-minded people, etc.

All the coworking spaces in Mumbai have the best facilities, you can choose one as per your requirement and according to your location.

Here, we're listing top Coworking spaces in Mumbai.

Specyes Co-working Space, Mumbai


Specyes  Co-working space has various branches at premium locations of Mumbai.

Specyes has one branch at Goregoan West another one is at Worivali West and Kandivali  West.


1: Dedicated Office Space

Specyes coworking spaces in Mumbai provide you with dedicated office space. You can work in your space without much hassle.

2: Shared office Space

If you’re a social butterfly and always want to surround yourself with like-minded people, shared office spaces at Specyes coworking spaces could be your cup of tea.

3: Office Supplies

Printer and scanners are available at Specyes Coworking spaces, Mumbai. If you require some other office supplies, you can ask for them. Projectors’ facility is also available for bigger corporate events.

4: Car Parking

Paid reserved parking is available. so, if you are not using public conveyance and would like to commute by your own vehicle, no worries, you can park your vehicle in the parking area of Spacyes Coworking spaces.

5: Reception

Spacyes Coworking spaces do not let any stone unturn in providing you best office experience. If you have some client visits or interviews, the reception will welcome your clients and direct the interviewees.

6: Meeting rooms and conference halls

Meeting rooms are available with all the modern equipment. You can brainstorm your ideas and can make plans for further actions in meeting rooms without any disturbances.

7: Recreational area

A recreational area is available in Spaceyes Coworking spaces in Mumbai. You can get free tea and coffee there and enjoy short or long breaks there.

8: Security services

Spacyes Coworking spaces in Mumbai is the most secured office. 24*7 security is available there. So, without worrying about anything, you can focus just on your work.


One dedicated desk - ₹6,599 per person per month. For more information visit Specyes Coworking Space in GoregaonSPecyes Coworking Space in Borivali West, and Specyes Coworking Space in Kandivali West.

Incuspaze co-working spaces Mumbai


Incuspaze co-work space in Ackrutistar Andheri East is among one of the most beautiful coworking spaces in Mumbai. The strategic location of Andheri East makes Incuspaze a desirable office space for many freelancers and startups. The plus point is, Incuspaze cowork space is very near to the local railway station, thus saving your precious commute time.


1: Office space according to your requirements

Customized office spaces are available at Incuspaze cowork space in Mumbai. You can have a dedicated workstation or can enjoy a shared workstation as per your requirement at Incuspaze cowork space in Mumbai.

2: Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are available as per your requirement. Meeting rooms have all the facilities to conduct smooth and fruitful meetings.

3: Conference halls

Conference halls are available for small to medium-sized meet-ups and conferences. You can attend conferences organized by other startups or persons in Incuspaze Coworkspace at Andheri East in Mumbai.

4: Power backup and security facilities

A power failure of 1 minute can ruin your import call or even can land to the cancellation of some important project. Incuspaze cowork space in Andheri East, Mumbai gives you freedom from the worry of an uncertain power cut at any point in time.

5-Recreational facilities

Incuspaze coworkspace in Andheri East Mumbai has a recreational area where you can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee breaks with your colleagues.

For more information, visit Incuspaze Cowork Space.


Community Coworks Mumbai


Community Coworks has beautifully decorated coworking spaces in the best locations of Mumbai. Community Coworks has one coworking space in Ackruti Trade Center, Andheri East, Mumbai. Another coworking space of Community Coworks is in the upscale area of Powai, Mumbai. If you are looking for shared office spaces in Powai Mumbai and Andheri East, Mumbai, Community Coworks Mumbai provides you best option.



1: Office spaces according to your requirement

SpaceN workspaces are determined to provide you best coworking space experience in Mumbai, in that endeavor SpaceN workspaces backed Community Coworks in Mumbai provides you best office spaces in Andheri East and Powai area.

You can get a dedicated office space or can avail the facility of shared office space as per your choice.

2: Recreational area

Would you like to have a break after a long discussion? The Cafe area of Comunity Coworks gives you this opportunity, You can enjoy your tea breaks there.

3: Best security

Security services are available at Community Coworks, Mumbai so that members can enjoy their work without any worry.

4: High-Speed internet

High-Speed Internet is being provided by Community Coworks, Mumbai, you can enjoy seamless facilities of high-speed internet connection.

5: Day passes or monthly passes

If you are not sure about how long would you need office space, a day pass could be your best choice but if you would like to avail office space in Community coworks, Mumbai for a longer period, monthly passes could be a more modest way for you.

6: Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are available at a nominal rate at Community Coworks, Mumbai.

7: Conference rooms

Conference halls are available as per your requirement with all the necessary arrangements in Community Coworks, Mumbai.

8: Open Parking spaces

Open park spaces are available to park your vehicle at Community Coworks, Mumbai.

9: Power Backup

The power-Backup facility is available at Community Coworks, Mumbai. You can enjoy your work without any eruptions.

Community Coworks, Andheri East.

Community Coworks, Powai.


Workamp Coworking


Worksamp CoworkSpaces in Thane West is a vibrant and peaceful coworking space in Mumbai. Workamp Coworking space is quite big and spread on two floors.  Workamp Coworking spaces in Thane West, Mumbai can accommodate 200 people at a time. If you are a freelancer or a budding entrepreneur, Workamp Coworkspace in Thane West, Mumbai provides you best facilities of a shared office.



1: Office spaces according to your requirement

Two floored coworking space is available for your small or big team. If you are a freelancer who just wants a workstation free from any noise or hassle, a dedicated workstation could be your best choice at Workamp Coworkspace in Thane West, Mumbai, and Andheri East, Mumbai.

2: Recreational area

The recreational area of WorkAmp, Mumbai is full of energy and free tea and coffee. You can enjoy your much-needed short breaks after hectic work. The beautifully decorated building gives you a wonderful experience while working.

3: Security services

A well-experienced security team is always available so that you can focus on your work without thinking about anything else.

4: High-Speed internet

High-speed internet has become the uttermost important part of today’s work life. You get a high-speed internet facility at WorkAmp coworking space in Andheri East and Thane West Mumbai.

5: Day passes or monthly passes

You can get your passes on daily basis. If you like the vibrant environment of Workamp Coworking spaces very much and would love to work daily from here, in that case, you can opt for a monthly pass.

6: Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are available at a nominal cost at Workamp Coworking space Andheri East and Thane West Mumbai. A projector facility is also available at Workamp Coworking space, Mumbai.

7: Conference rooms

Whenever you wish to attend a conference to enhance your knowledge or would like to organize a conference to brief about your product, you can avail the facility of a conference room in Workamp Coworking spaces, Mumbai.

8: Paid reserve parking spaces

Paid reserve parking spaces are available to park your vehicle safely at Workamp Coworking space Andheri East, Mumbai., Thane West Mumbai.

9: Power Backup

Power Backup is available for the uncertain blackout. It’s rare to have power blackout in big cities like Mumbai but you never know the uncertain. It’s always advisable to have a backup plan for your work.

SpaceN Workspaces can help you in finding your best coworking space, visit Workamp Coworking Space Andheri East.


Mydesk Coworking


Mydesk Coworking space has three beautiful offices in the Borivali area. All three spaces are beautifully created for the wonderful and joyful experience of coworking.

You can choose your best coworking spaces according to your requirements and commute time.

Mydesk Coworking Space 3.0 in Borivali West Mumbai is easily reachable from any part of the city. Public and private conveyance is easily available all the time from the Mydesk Coworking Space 3.0 in Borivali West Mumbai, Mydesk Coworking Space 2.0 in Borivali West Mumbai, and Mydesk Coworking Space in Borivali Mumbai.



1: Office spaces according to your requirement

Private cabins, hot desks, dedicated seats, shared offices are available at a competitive rate in Mydesk Coworking Spaces, Mumbai.

2: Recreational area

High tea time can be enjoyed at the recreational area of Mydesk Coworking Space there you can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee.

3: Best security

Mydesk Coworking Spaces have the best security features. Members have access to the desks and offices by using fingerprint locks. Ample security cameras are installed at every important place.

4: High-Speed internet

Wifi connection becomes a very important aspect of every professionals' life. High-speed internet services are available at Mydesk Coworking Space, Mumbai so that you can enjoy working seamlessly.

5: Day passes or monthly passes

Daily or monthly passes of hot desks, dedicated desks, shared offices are available at a comparable rate at Mydesk Coworking Space Mumbai.

6: Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are available to host any important meeting.

7: Conference rooms

Printers and Scanners facilities are also available. You can have a conference hall at your disposal at MyDesk Coworking Space, Mumbai.

8: Paid Reserve Parking spaces

Paid reserve Parking spaces are available at all the coworking spaces of MyDesk Coworking Spaces, Mumbai.

9: Power Backup

Power Backup facility is also available in MyDesk Coworking Spaces, Mumbai. 

MyDesk Cowork Spaces

MyDesk Coworking Spaces 2.0

MyDesk Coworking Spaces 3.0


Mascots Coworking Spaces


Mascots coworking spaces offer vibrant offices with lots of facilities in Andheri East, Mumbai. Mascots could be your best coworking spaces if you would like to have an office space in Andheri East, Mumbai area.


1: Office spaces according to your requirement

If you like to interact with like-minded people or would like to have some fruitful discussions with other members, shared offices at Mascots Coworking Space, Mumbai.

Apart from this, dedicated seats, private cabins, hot desks are available at a comparable rate in Mascots Coworking Space, Mumbai.

2: Recreational area

If you enjoy short interval breaks with your peer, you can go to the recreational area of Mascot coworking spaces, Mumbai. Unlimited free beverages tea and coffee are also available.

3: High-Speed internet

Internet services for your smooth working are always available at Mascot co-working spaces, Mumbai.

4: Day passes or monthly passes

If you're not sure about using office spaces on the daily basis, you can opt for daily passes but if you'll require office space for a longer period, monthly passes could be your best choice.

5: Meeting rooms

You can attend uninterrupted meetings in meeting rooms at Mascot Coworking Space, Mumbai.

6: Conference rooms

On-demand conference rooms are also available. Mascot Coworking Space provides printers and scanners for any office use. A projector is also available to communicate your ideas more clearly.

7: Paid Reserve Parking spaces

 If you are not using public conveyance for your commute, paid reserved parking spaces are available as per your requirement.

For more information, visit Mascots Cowork Space.



Mumbai, a dream city for many, hub of many industries,  is an ideal place for working. Mumabi embraces everyone with equal love. Now is the time, when you can have your own working space but without actually owning real office space. You just need to focus on your product and projects rest will be taken care of by Coworking spaces in Mumbai. Get ready for working in a vibrant and productive environment. Choose your ideal working space with lots of options provided by SpaceN workspaces. 

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