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Why we rebranded QuickU to SpaceN

  • November 27 2020
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Our roots 

For those who are not familiar with QuickUwork and its journey, we started as a coworking space in 2017, with the brand name eTribe Coworking spaces, in 2 years we expanded to 5 spaces in Delhi NCR, with a total capacity of around 700 seats. In 2019 We incorporated as a new legal entity with brand name, QuickUwork, a differentiated coworking aggregation platform.  

Why QuickUwork? 

Being a coworking space(eTribe), we understood what are the challenges faced by coworking spaces in terms of customer acquisition. Our expertise as Coworking space(eTribe) is in operations and serving customers but marketing and somewhat sales are not our forte. Coworking spaces depend on seasoned directory services/aggregators like OLX, Just dial, and other coworking-specific aggregators. These aggregators have a specific way of working that they work with 100’s of coworking spaces in Delhi NCR and thousands across India and you as an individual coworking space, get very limited exposure and from the customers perspective, they don’t even verify these spaces to understand if they have the facilities and can provide quality of service. We see an opportunity and started QuickUwork. We started in the Second Quarter of 2019 and onboarded 30+ spaces in different regions in Delhi/NCR and provided a good number of customers to almost all of them.  

Why we changed the brand name to SpaceN? 

When we started, we wanted to build a company for the people who want to find space quickly and from a small list of verified Coworking Spaces,  QuickU would help them to discover and choose the right workspace quickly. But over the months, we realized that our marketing and sales teams have to put effort to communicate and make people recognize our brand name and its linkage to the office and coworking spaces industry. Brand recall was very low, we did market research and the results were the same. "QuickU is not recognized as a brand in office space and our customers find it difficult to remember it and recall it!"

      We started finding new names, Covid-19 given us some breathing space and we started pushing for the change. We brainstormed on many names, some were very similar to QuickU, Like QykSpaces but no, not quick again, after many such names and brainstorming sessions, we selected a name, SpaceN, N for next Generation, WOW, we loved it, the very first time, small, related to our industry and easy to remember. 

Now we are SpaceN and we are ready to find your next office space.

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