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A heaven for book readers and Authors: Vowelor

  • May 26 2021
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Heaven for book readers and Authors: Vowelor

Reading books can be fun 

#WhyReadAlone ``Why read alone “ is a popular punchline of Vowelor. It’s just not a punchline, it’s an emotion, through which you can connect with hundreds of readers.

Many people like to read books, but if you can read a book with peers, nothing could be greater than that. Vowelor is such a platform that promotes reading. Why should you read alone when you can read it with like-minded people, it adds fun because the same content can be interpreted differently with people of different mindsets. You'll be amazed by knowing the perspectives of different people. So, come on why read alone, have fun.

You can chat with other readers who are reading the same book by using the ‘Meet Fellow Readers’ feature of the Vowelor. Real-time chatting on your favorite characters of the book or some interesting plots. Making new bookish friends is such a joyful journey that you’ll never want to miss.


Enjoy various BookClubs on Vowelor

If you like clubbing, Bookclubs on Vowelor can quench your thirst. You can create your own book club and invite others to join your club. 

Apart from creating your own book clubs, you can join others clubs. Vowelor recommends various book clubs according to your reading patterns. Book Club is such a new phenomenon and it’s such fun to join one.

The Vowelor gives you a real feeling of a club where you can share your views, ideas, and emotions through posts and pictures and get to know the feelings of other readers and writers.

Readers are the leaders

Readers are the leaders. This is a famous saying and people who read a lot can easily relate to it. Reading is one of the best habits one can have. You can have a friend in the form of a book. Books give us so much knowledge that could not be earned by our own experience. If you look at the world leaders, CEOs, and other most successful people, you'll see one thing common among them: their reading habits. If you look at the profile of Bill Gates and Elon Musk, you'll see these most powerful personalities of the world are also great readers and the list is very long. So if you want to be successful in any field of life just inculcate the habit of reading.


Book reviews

If you want to buy a book but are not sure if it'll suit your requirements and taste, just go for the honest reviews at the book reviews section of Vowelor.  A genuine review can not only save your precious time but also gives no jerk on your pocket.

There are different categories in the book reviews section. If you want to find the most popular reviews of books, then Vowelor has a dedicated section for it where you can find the most sought-after reviews of any book.

If you want to read a review of any of your favorite books, Vowelor is there for your help.


Choose your type from the plethora of Genres

There are so many different genres available on the Vowelor platform. If you like romantic books, you can find one. If you love to solve future problems with advanced technologies and love reading more about them, go for the Sci-Fi section. Educational, emotional, motivational, you just name it, you can find every type of books here at Vowelor


Leave your Book promotion on Us

A well-written book is incomplete without the right readers. Writing a book is a very tedious task but promoting a book to a wide range of audiences is not less than a herculean task.

Here, at Vowelor, you can promote your books by following very easy steps. 

A well-promoted book certainly draws the attention of readers. There is a uniqueness in every author and Vowelor values this quality. Vowelor promotes every author in the way that readers cannot resist themselves to just at least trying once.


Looking for the latest releases of your favorite book, wait, Vowelor will help you

You can find the latest releases of the books, no need to surf here and there for the latest release of your favorite books. Just go to the latest release section at Vowelor, you'll find one you're looking for. Vowelor is one of its kind platforms where you can find everything related to books in one place. 


You gonna love Libraries at Vowelor

You’re among the people who are interested in knowing what other people are reading, then just follow libraries recommended by Vowelor. If any new book gets added to your following libraries, you’ll get a notification. In that way, you’ll get an idea about what you should read next?


What’s the Viral Section of Vowelor

You can't always keep a tab on everything, in that way you might have missed the new releases from your favorite writers but it won't happen anymore. Vowelor is there to help you with the What's Viral section where you’ll get to know about the latest happenings in the bookish worlds. Apart from new book releases, you can get information about trending content or viral books or content with the help of Vowelor.


Vowelor is such a beautiful platform for both authors, writers, and readers. In a nutshell, you’ll get to read everything you love. You can read with other like-minded people on the Vowelor platform. Authors can publish their books and content and get the benefit of a solid user base on Vowelor. What are you waiting for, just go to Vowelor’s website or download the app and enjoy?

Happy reading!! 



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