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Top 5 virtual offices in Bangalore

  • December 01 2021
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Top-5 virtual offices in Bangalore(Bengaluru)


Banglore is one of the most developed metro cities of India. Bangalore does not need any introduction, the name is enough.

Bangalore is among the most employable cities. Bangalore is known for its various industries. Retail, information technology, software industries, Biotechnology are among the most developed industries of Bangalore. 

It’s a dream of many to have an office in the capital city of Karnataka, your dream of having a professional office address in Banglore can be fulfilled by virtual offices in Bangalore. SpaceN workspaces provide plenty of virtual office addresses in Banglore.  


Virtual offices can help you in various ways, you can opt for a virtual office address in Banglore at a nominal cost as compared to actual office premises, and plus point is you can customize your requirements according to your specific business needs. 

We are listing the top 5 virtual offices in Banglore that can cater to your requirements of a well-working virtual office.


1: Virtual office in Indiranagar, Banglore

You can use your home as your office but it does not sound professional while talking to elite customers. Virtual offices can give you an opportunity to have famous areas of your city be your official work address. 


Facilities provided by virtual offices in Indiranagar, Bangalore

GST handling can be done efficiently by virtual offices in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Courier handling and mail forwarding are some other important aspects of any business, virtual offices in Indiranagar handle up to a certain weight of courier packages on behalf of your business.

If you require, a virtual office can be used as an actual office.

Office supplies such as printers, beverages are being provided by virtual offices in Indiranagar, Bangalore.

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Price range Basic plan starts at 11999

2: Virtual office in Koramangala, Bangalore

Facilities provided by virtual offices in Koramangala, Bangalore

Professional office address, GST handling, courier handling, mail forwarding, front desk support are a few of the best facilities that you can get in the virtual office of Koramangala, Bangalore

Koramangala is a popular area in Bangalore. Koramangala is the hub of IT big wigs. If you would like to have an address that you can flaunt at various places but do not want to spend a hefty amount on it, virtual offices in the Koramangala area can be the best choice for you.

Price range Basic plan starts at 11999

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3: Virtual office in Whitefield, Bangalore

Whitefield is an Upscale area of Bangalore. SpaceN workspaces provide a beautifully decorated virtual office in Whitefield. If you love to flaunt your office address that has Withefield, Bangalore as your address, the SpaceN Workspaces team is ready to help you in getting your goal. You don’t have to pay much for having a virtual office in Whitefield. It’s virtual office space but you can use it as your actual office address at every place.


Facilities provided by virtual offices in Whitefield, Bangalore

GST registration has become mandatory for every business. New GST registration can be overwhelming for any new business, a virtual office in Whitefield Bangalore assists you in getting GSTN for your business.

Mail forwarding and courier handling services are done on behalf of your business.

On-demand actual premises is also available at a nominal cost.


Price range Basic plan starts at 11999

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4: Virtual office in HSR Layout,  Bangalore

HSR Layout is a prominent locality in Bangalore. Having an office address of HSR Layout can certainly add charm to your business.

SpaceN workspaces have nice and peaceful virtual offices in the HSR Layout area, Bangalore.

Other facilities provided by virtual offices in HSR Layout, Bangalore

Virtual offices in HSR Layout Bangalore not only give you a credible office address but also give you many facilities that can be crucial for any business.

GST handling, Courier handling, mail forwarding, front desk support, on-demand actual office facilities are a few of the best facilities that are provided by HSR Layout Bangalore.


Price range Basic plan starts at 11999

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5: Virtual office in Kammanahalli, Bengaluru, Bangalore

Kammanhahalli is an eminent suburb area of Bangalore. Many large and small-scale businesses are flourishing in Kannanahalli Bangalore. Having an address in the Kammanahalli area without actually owning an office is possible with SpaceN Workspaces backed virtual offices. You can have a credible, professional office address of Kammanahalli that you love to flaunt on your business website, visiting cards, or most importantly you can use the virtual office address in all your work-related communication without any problem.


Facilities provided by virtual offices in Kammanahalli, Bangalore

The credible office address is just one important benefit provided by virtual offices in Kammanahalli, apart from this, virtual offices in Kammanahalli, Bangalore assist you in GST handling, the opening of a new business bank account.

Virtual offices in Kammanahalli, Bangalore handle courier and mail forwarding on behalf of your business.

Sometimes, you need to hire the best talent or would like to organize a conference or like to showcase your office premises to your prestigious client, virtual office in Kammanahalli, Bangalore provides you these opportunities with on-demand actual office premises.


Price range Basic plan starts at 11999

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If you would like to avail best facilities of virtual offices in Bangalore, SpaceN workspaces provide you best services that any virtual office can offer in a virtual office in Bangalore. Don’t wait, just visit our website virtual offices in Bangalore and get a chance to get your business shine.


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