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Top-5 virtual offices in Delhi

  • December 01 2021
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Top 5 virtual offices in Delhi

If you like to have a professional credible office address for your business without expanding a hefty amount on office spaces, virtual offices can be your best choice. Virtual offices work as an actual office but without giving a jerk to your finances.

If you would like to opt for a virtual office in Delhi but are not sure how to get one, we are making your search for the best virtual offices easy.


SpaceN Workspaces provide you with the best virtual office experience in Delhi. SpaceN Workspaces-backed virtual offices in Delhi are good options for your business. SpaceN Workspaces provide plenty of different types of virtual offices in Delhi, you can choose one according to your convenience.


1: Virtual office in Saket

Saket is one of the prominent areas of South Delhi. The presence of business parks, corporate offices, best restaurants makes Saket an ideal location for business. If you would like to acquire a credible office address, you should opt for a virtual office in Saket.

A virtual office in Westend Marg Saket could be your ideal virtual office. Your search for the best virtual offices in Saket ends at SpaceN workspaces. You just need to visit our website for further assistance.

Virtual office in Saket -1

Virtual office in Saket-2

Price range - Basic plan starts at 9999. For additional services, you just need to pay some extra amount.


Facilities by the virtual office in Saket

1: A virtual office in Saket assists you in opening a new business account.

2: You’ll get full help in GST registration at virtual offices in Saket

3: Mail forwarding and Courier handling facilities are also available at virtual offices in Saket.

4: Front desk support and other office services are also available in virtual offices in Saket.


2: Virtual office in Asaf Ali Road, Delhi

Asaf Ali Road in North East Delhi is a strategic location. You can reach any part of Delhi from here with utter convenience. DTDC buses, metro trains, and easily available transportation make Asaf Ali Road, Delhi an ideal location for any business.

If you want to have an address of Asaf Ali Road, Delhi, SpaceN Workspaces give you an opportunity to have your own office address of Asaf Ali road without indulging in minute details of operating a fully functional office.


Facilities provided by Virtual offices in Asaf Ali Road, Delhi

GST registration, professional office address, opening a new business account, on-demand use of actual office premises with all the modern facilities, etc.

For more information visit the virtual office in Asaf Ali Road Delhi.

Price range - Basic plan starts @9999 per year. New business registration starts @9999/6 months. You can avail customized options at nominal cost.


3: Virtual office in Nehru Place

Nehru Place does not need any introduction. Nehru Place is a well-known hub of software and hardware stores. SpaceN workspaces have a beautiful virtual office in the Nehru Place area that can be used as an actual office space as well for various official purposes such as client meetings, conferences, meet up, tech-jam, etc.

For more information just click on virtual office in Nehru Place


Facilities provided by Virtual office in Nehru Place.

GST registration, spacious on-demand workspaces, help in courier handling, mail forwarding, etc.

Price range- Basic plan starts at 10999 for extra services contact @88266-07-949.


4: Virtual office in Pitampura

Pitampura is a popular upscale location in North West Delhi.

A virtual office address of Pitampura can be used as a real office address on your business card or on public websites that will certainly put some weight on your business.

SpaceN Workspaces has a beautifully decorated virtual space in the Pitampura area.


Facilities provided by virtual offices in Pitampura

GST registration, beautiful office address for various events, assistance in opening a bank account, and many more.

Price range - 9999/year


5: Virtual office in Connaught Place CP

Connaught Place can be considered a whole package because of its central location and having surrounded by business outlets and eateries. It might be a dream for many businesses to have an office in Connaught Place CP Delhi. Your dream of having an office in Connaught Place is being made true by SpaceN Workspaces. SpaceN Workspaces have a beautifully decorated virtual office in Connaught Place CP. You can visit the virtual office in CP for more information and avail of customized facilities unique for your business at a reasonable price.


Facilities provided by virtual offices in Connaught Place.

Opening a new account, Mail forwarding, Courier handling, front desk support, assistance in GST handling, etc.

Price range - Basic plan starts @19999/ year.



SpaceN provides lots of options in virtual offices in Delhi. We’ve listed the five most beautiful workspaces. You may have different requirements or need different locations in Delhi, in that case, you should visit our website or talk to an expert who can gladly help you in getting the best virtual office services in and around Delhi.

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