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12 Great Entrepreneur Books You Must Read in 2021

  • May 15 2021
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You may find that you have a passion and having passion is a gift, you don’t have to choose them they pick you for that to happen u have to be alert to them. As there are no shortcuts you have to do those steps with passion and ferocity, it’s easy to have an idea but turning that idea into a successful product requires lots of hard steps which takes persistence and relentlessness.


The people who always want to be entrepreneurs need the combination of stubborn relentlessness and flexibility, you have to be stubborn on your vision otherwise you’ll give up, on the other side you have to be flexible on the details because as you go along pursuing your vision you’ll find that some of your preconceptions were wrong and you were going to change those things, taking an idea all over to the market and turning it into the new product that people really care about and it impacts people’s lives is a lot of hard work.


Here are some reading recommendations to encourage your Entrepreneur skills:


1.Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


This book illustrates the outliers of success which came out having a unique opportunity of success following a 10,000 hrs. a rule that states that you only need 10000 hours to hold expertise in any subject.


2.Making the Modern world by Vaclav Smil


This is basically about how our civilization is changing and using resources, reading this type of book will help you to understand macro trends and allow you to prepare for what happens next, making the modern world.  like how china is rising and other countries in Asia are in their early stages of development and these countries will see the boom in every sector imaginable.


3.Zero to One by Peter Theil


It is imperative to Focus on businesses that create something new. The author describes how to build a company that generates profits well into the future. to succeed in how to build and maintain a monopoly. We should focus on a specific skill set rather than being average at every disciple we learned. The author taught as “Capitalism is the opposite of completion “.  A bad plan is better than no plan, perhaps not the most optimistic plan, but it encourages us to plan, So at least some of us must come up with these ZERO TO ONE startup.


4.Creativity, inc by Ed Catmull:


Ed Catmull writes this book as more of a guide for anyone who wants to nurture and encourage problem-solving in a creative environment. If you have a team and wish to rise to heights, then this was intended for you. This book takes a detailed approach in creating a successful organization from establishing the core values to choosing the right people and tackling everyday obstacles all aspects of a prosperous business are covered in this book.


5.The Purple Cow by Seth Godin


This book is all about arranging your stepping stones. Most people who want to build a business work so hard to be better than everyone else but this doesn’t qualify for a successful business but being a ‘Purple Cow’ being different does.


6. You Can Negotiate Anything by Herb Cohen


Negotiation plays a crucial role in achieving goals in one’s life, Herb Cohen put brilliant efforts in scripting the rules of the ideal for negotiations that one should follow to attain success in life.


7.Structures: or why things don’t fall by J.e Gordon


If you are trying to make more sense of how the world around you is built and kept together, this is the book you should embrace, it tells you how skyscrapers stand so tall and bridges won’t fall during rush hours.


8.Life 3.0: Being human in Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark


This the third one which focuses on artificial intelligence, the book focuses on positive aspects of AI and its impact on further humanity. It tackles the issue of growing out prosperity to automation without leaving people lacking income and purpose, what career advice should we give to kids.


9.The Art of War by Sun Tzu


This book is the guide to winning no matter how much are your chances of winning, this book provides you the objective answer to the problem. It is written 2500 years ago but this book is tailored to know how to know when and where to strike and get victorious in warfare accepting business is 21st-century warfare.


10.Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson


This is the first biography book on this list, to reach your true potential you always need to be inspired and we’ve always said that “the easiest way to become a millionaire is to hang out with a billionaire “. By the end of this book, Richard Branson will be your mentor or maybe your spirit animal.


11.Originals by Adam Grant


Have you taught of being a genius and conquering the world? this book is specially written for that purpose to not only change your view of the world but change the way of living your life and to be more specific “originals” was created with the intent to prove that we all are the same and there is no such thing called genius, it's only a matter of persistence and work volume.


12.Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey A. Moore


This is a highly useful book that’ll give you the step by step know how to take your products from early adopters and into the lucrative mainstream market, business is a complex game if you don’t know how to do it then it can be pretty daunting then this book got you covered for this scenario.


Books enable you to think and then rethink, think, and then rethink this enables you to dive deeper into a book than any other medium.  “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with”-Jim Rohn, books collectively provide you the wrapped persona, experiences, or company you desire or dream about.


Big decisions are influenced much by small chosen habits rather than compulsive ones. Let the reading be one of them, choose wise live entrepreneur.

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